Jak vyplnit celní deklaraci

1. Login to your account

2. Choose "Packages in Warehouse"

If the customs declaration for the package is not filled out, you will see “Custom declaration needed” under the “Action Required” label.

To fill out customs for the package, just click the Fill Customs Declaration button.

3. Fill out the info

A new window with the Customs Declaration form will pop up.

Be sure to fill out ITEM DESCRIPTION, QUANTITY, VALUE, and ORIGIN for each product in the package.

If you want to add more items to your customs declaration, just click the ADD link below the last item. To remove items from the customs declaration, simply delete its information.

Finally, you’ll need to confirm if the package is MERCHANDISE or a GIFT. Please note, that you will not avoid possible duties and taxes just by selecting GIFT. Please also indicate if the package contains batteries.

4. Save customs info

After you are finished, click on “Save.”

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