Comment fonctionne le regroupement de colis?

Consolidation is a process where we take smaller packages and put them together into one bigger box.

The account holder selects a box; we recommend the USPS size limit (26”x13”x13”). Next, a shipping method must be selected. Shipito will then attempt to consolidate all selected packages into the box. If there are any extra items, we will automatically use another box, unless otherwise specified under “Advanced Options.”

When we see your request, we retrieve your packages and double-check that we have the correct ones. Depending on your request, we can remove all unnecessary packaging which might significantly lower the postage.

You have three options:

  • Keep the outer shipping box
  • Keep inner retail/product packaging
  • Remove all unnecessary packaging leaving only the item(s)

If you are planning on reselling the products, we recommend keeping the original product/retail packaging.

Once we consolidate, we measure the new package and weigh it again. We also take a photo of all the items being consolidated in order to ensure greater accuracy. If you would like more photos, please use the “Special Request” function.

You can find larger boxes under “Advanced Options” on the Consolidation page. You can also place a special request and we will pack your packages on a pallet. Please keep in mind that this might not be cheaper due to the weight and cost of the pallet. Always remember to check the shipping calculator beforehand.

If you are concerned about fragile items, you can always place a Special Request to add extra packaging material. There is also an option to keep fragile items in their original boxes.

We do not recommend consolidating packages bigger than the UPS limit of 26”x13”x13”. These larger packages have an increased risk of damage during shipping.

Please allow up to 1-2 business days for all consolidation requests to be processed.

Mise en place de regroupements & demandes spéciales

You can maximize your savings through our VIRTUAL MAILBOX membership which allows CONSOLIDATION of packages. This means you can combine several smaller packages into one bigger package.

Here’s how it works:

Every time we receive a new package, we will send you a notification with the weight, measurement, tracking number and sender info, so you can easily identify each package.

When we consolidate your various packages, we always find the most efficient method.

First you’ll need to log into your account and click on “PACKAGES IN WAREHOUSE.”

This page displays all the packages entered in your account. Please remember to fill out a customs declaration for every package you want to consolidate (learn how). We cannot merge or mail out packages without this information. Once you’ve finished, you can click on the “CONSOLIDATE PACKAGES” button on the top of the Packages section which will take you to the form.

You will need to complete the following options:

  • Choose your preferred shipping method
  • You can add shipping insurance
  • Option to SEND IMMEDIATELY or HOLD. Hold will give you the option to change shipping method after consolidation. We will hold and wait till you select that package to be sent to us. You can do this by clicking on SHIP SEPARATELY directly on the package through the SPECIAL INSTRUCTION link.
  • SHIPPING ADDRESS allows you to send the consolidated package to an address different than your default shipping address. If you don’t select this option, package will be sent to your default address.
  • Choose box size
  • RE-PACK OPTIONS. You can throw away the original packaging material or keep it.
  • Finally, you’ll need to select all the packages you wish to be consolidated. Again, only packages with completed customs declarations can be consolidated.

If you have any other special requests (verifying the contents, immediate shipment, etc.) please use SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS directly on each package.

Comment Envoyer Plusieurs Colis [Multiple Package Shipment] - MPS

If you have more than one package going to the same delivery address, you can save a lot of money by using our Multiple Piece Shipment (MPS) service. This service is only available for Virtual Mailbox users, and will be available for DHL and FedEx shipping methods. You can get the best savings when shipping several small packages, but you have the freedom to decide if you’d like to use MPS or not.

To enter an MPS Request, simply:

  • Login to your account, and go to the “Packages in Warehouse” section
  • Click the “MPS Request” button and a form will appear
  • Select your Warehouse with packages you want to ship using MPS
  • Select all packages you wish to include in the shipment and click “Select Packages” button. Some packages may not be available for MPS shipping. These packages are displayed on the bottom of the page
  • Enter the delivery address
  • You can then select your shipping method from a variety of carriers
  • Confirm your order