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Shipito is  a registered trademark owned by Shipito LLC

Наш адрес: 3501 Jack Northrop Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250

Эл. адрес: info@shipito.com, Телефон:   1-310-349-1172, 1-310-349-1182

Our office and warehouse in the Los Angeles area. (Torrance, California)

Наша задача

  • Make it easy for customers all over the world to purchase online in the U.S.A.
  • Предлагайте быстрые, надежные, эффективные и недорогие услуги.
  • Reply quickly to emails from customers (within the same business day)
  • Появление всех входящих посылок в тот же рабочий день.
  • Отправка посылок в течение 1-2 рабочих дней.
  • Делайте как можно меньше ошибок.
  • Have happy customers, which will recommend our service to others.
  • Fight against fraud and help merchants safely sell internationally.

We are located in a nice business park in the heart of Torrance, CA. We invite our existing customers to come and visit us when they have a trip to U.S.A.

We were very lucky that the building next door was available when we outgrew our current place. That happened in May 2010.  Now we have both buildings next to each other.

This is what our incoming delivery of packages looks like. The packages you see are just from one delivery truck.
Package Delivery to Shipito
If you wonder why your package is not entered the minute we receive it this should hopefully give you the answer.

A tax-free Oregon warehouse.
Our new warehouse in Hawthorne, California.
Наш новый склад в Миндене, Невада.
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